jlocate - display contacts and their current status


jlocate [ -h ] [ -d <flags> ] [ -e ] [ -a ] [ -g ] [ -n ] [ -o ] [ accountname ]


Jlocate is used to display a list of contacts and their availability. If an accountname is specified, jlocate will check only accounts that match the name you specify. It tries to match as many accounts as possible unless you specify the -e option. Otherwise, it performs it's default behavior of retrieving the full contact list. By default, this is limited to only those that are online. However, the various options described below can alter the output style.

Jlocate understands the following options:

-h Displays usage information.

-d <flags> Debugging output. Run without <flags> for usage.

-e Exact match on account name (no effect if none specified).

-a Show full contact list (including unavailable and unknown).

-g Show contacts organized by group.

-n Swap nickname and jid positions in the listings.

-o Omit extra information (nickname or jid, dependent on -n)


Daniel Henninger <>


Copyright (c) 2002 Daniel Henninger. All right reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms explained in the LICENSE file that comes with the jwgc distribution.


jwgc(1), jwrite(1), jctl(1), jstat(1)