jwrite - write to a Jabber user


jwrite [ -d <flags> ] [ -h ] [ -v ] [ -q ] [ -e ] [ -n ] [ -f ] [ -m <message> ] recips...


Jwrite is used to send a message to a Jabber user via jwgc. It accepts a full jid, a nickname, or a part of a jid. If a recipient specified is part of a jid, a match is attempted from the beginning of the full jids in the user's contact list. Multiple recipients may be specified to send a single message to multiple users.

Jwrite understands the following options:

-d <flags> Debugging output. Run without <flags> for usage.

-h Displays usage information.

-v Verbose output of communication with jwgc.

-q Silences all unnecessary output from jwrite.

-e Encrypt message.

-f Send message without checking recipient validity.

-n Send message without pinging recipient.

-m message Send message message instead of prompting for one.

Jwrite does not yet support any formatting attributes for messages.


Daniel Henninger <>


Copyright (c) 2002 Daniel Henninger. All right reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms explained in the LICENSE file that comes with the jwgc distribution.


jwgc(1), jctl(1), jlocate(1), jstat(1)