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The Jabber WindowGram Client (JWGC) is a Jabber client that does not behave like a standard chat client. Instead, it is intended to look and feel almost exactly like MIT's Zephyr system. Whereas most chat clients focus on a single window to house a conversation between another person and yourself, JWGC pops up a separate window for every message you receive. To respond, you run a command-line application, type in your message, and send it on it's way. If you are familiar with the Zephyr system, JWGC should be trivial to adapt to.

JWGC can run in an X Windows mode, or a TTY only mode. This look and feel should be familiar to Unix users. Consequently, JWGC will only run in a Unix environment. This will include Cygwin at some point. JWGC is developed on MacOS X, Linux, and Solaris. It will be compiled for various other host types that SourceForge offers build hosts for.

I'm always open for suggestions for improvement or reports of problems. Please report any feature requests or bug reports via the Project Site. Also, don't hesitate to ask any questions.

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